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When it comes to optimising your online presence, we at Digify Leads – a premier SEO company in Mohali, are ready to help you. We take pride in being the top SEO agency in Mohali. As a budget-friendly SEO company, we provide our clients with high-quality services that deliver results.

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Website Audit Report

Count on our team of professionals to handle your SEO strategy. Our experts are prepared to tackle and resolve any concerns through an SEO audit. We conduct an analysis that takes into account all the elements impacting the optimisation of your website. As an SEO agency based in Mohali, we are committed to providing effective solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Brand Optimization

In today's business world, boosting your brand value is important for growth and success. Our SEO services are ready to give your brand get more reach in the market. Stay ahead with our SEO strategies for brand enhancement and engagement.

Keyword Research

We are here to make sure that your online keywords match what potential customers are looking for. The key to successful SEO is using the right keywords. We excel in conducting expert keyword research customised for your business.

On-Page SEO

In the dynamic digital landscape, getting a competitive edge online needs not just any SEO but a dynamic and fast-paced On-Page SEO strategy. We take the lead in this, delivering top-tier solutions tailored to your On-Page SEO requirements. Increase your online presence with our advanced strategies, getting optimal results in this digital arena.

Technical SEO

The performance of your website aspects plays a role, in determining its search engine rankings. Our team of experts specialises in conducting SEO analysis to enhance your website. You can count on us to optimize elements of your site, improving its visibility and performance on search engines.


In the realm of the position of your website in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) relies heavily on an off-page SEO strategy. Our skilled team provides off-page services that help you stand out and compete effectively in the market. Elevate your SEO game with our quality off-page strategies.

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A successful SEO strategy revolves around understanding your business profile and target audience. Our goal-oriented approaches cover everything from keyword analysis to planning. We have expertise in both on-page and off-page SEO, technical optimisation, content creation and more. Our team stays up to date with Google’s ranking algorithms to ensure that your online presence remains at the forefront of SERPs. Once the strategy is formulated, we swiftly execute it, delivering results and ensuring visibility for your target audience.

Certified Professional & Expert

Enhance the ranking and traffic of your website on SERPs with our expertise in refining ad copies, optimising keywords, and improving landing pages. Our strategic plans are tailor-made to increase your visibility and generate outcomes for your business.

We're Fast, Accurate & Reliable

Explore our customised services that specifically cater to your needs without resorting to sales tactics or a one size fits all approach. We are consistently dedicated to putting in the effort to deliver outcomes for our esteemed clients.

Premium Support

Our comprehensive digital marketing agency is fully equipped to assist you in acquiring a client base through Google and enhancing engagement on your website.

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PPC Management

Improve your PPC strategy with strategic planning and great choices to minimise costs while getting more clicks. Let us help you on this journey and better your PPC with our guidance! PPC (pay-per-click) is a powerful tool to get more clicks on your website and get more people to to invest in your products or services.

PPC Management

PPC (pay-per-click) can help get more clicks and convince people to buy a product or service.
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Search Engine Optimization

Get the best of your content's potential by using relevant keywords, boosting search engine rankings, and driving increased website traffic. For expert SEO assistance, contact us today. SEO involves optimising your website for search engines. Our newly hired SEO professional is dedicated to improving our web presence.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is optimizing your site for search engines. We hired a new SEO to improve our web presence.
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Content Marketing

Content marketing employs various formats to captivate the audience, heighten brand awareness, forge connections, and drive sales. Tailoring content to a specific audience at a particular stage in the buyer's journey enhances its effectiveness. Let us assist you in transforming your content into a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience's desires.

Content Marketing

Content is most effective when personalized for a specific audience at a stage in the buyer's journey. We can help turn your content into a story people crave.
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Super charge your PPC campaigns for maximum returns and rapid expansion across the vast Google Ad network. Let’s pinpoint your perfect high-intent customers now—don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

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Our mission is to partner with customers for their success as we create a diverse client base including companies and individuals functioning in many different fields and economies.


1. How Much Does It Cost To Hire An SEO Company In Mohali?

Discover the competitive pricing for hiring an SEO expert in Mohali, tailored to factors like project scope and expertise levels. Typically ranging between INR 10k to 15k per month, personalized SEO services deliver exceptional value. For detailed pricing information, contact us at +91 8146992270.

3. How Long Will It Take To See Results If We Work With You?

Experience tangible results within the initial 2-3 months of partnering with us. In certain cases, particularly for easily rankable keywords, visible results may occur even sooner than 3 months!

5. How To Measure The Success Of Any SEO Campaign?

  • Organic Search Traffic
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pages Per Session
  • Average Session Duration
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Backlink Growth
  • Local SEO Metrics
  • Crawl Errors and Indexation
  • Page Load Speed
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Content Engagement
  • 2. Is It Worth Paying An SEO Company In Mohali?

    Absolutely! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an indispensable strategy for driving organic and cost-effective traffic to your website. Despite its time-consuming nature, the long-term benefits and potential for a high Return on Investment (ROI) make it a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes.

    4. Which Is The Best SEO Company In Mohali?

    Choose Digify Leads, one of the top SEO agencies in India, as your premier SEO partner in Mohali, founded by renowned SEO & Google Ads specialist Mr. Manpreet Singh Khurana. Our distinguished portfolio includes major Mohali clients such as Fortis Hospital, Paras Hospital, British Career Group Mohali, India, and more.

    6. What Are The Benefits Of SEO For Your Business In 2023?

  • Boosts Your Credibility
  • Generates Hot Leads from Google
  • Establishes a Long-Term Marketing Strategy
  • Drives Targeted Traffic
  • Provides a Competitive Advantage
  • Offers Cost-Effective Marketing
  • Cost-Effective Marketing
  • Improves User Experience
  • Enhances Local Visibility
  • Delivers Measurable Results
  • Expands Global Reach
  • Enables Adaptation to Algorithm Changes
  • Get on Top of Google!