Digital marketing is something that is gaining importance with each passing day and it would not be a mistake to say that yes, digital marketing is certainly one of the best options available after the 12th. if we talk about the current scenario in India, then being the most populated nation in the world has increased certain challenges, and major out of all is the optimum return based on demographic dividend because contemporary situations are not sufficient to suffice even the hand-to-mouth needs of the majority. So, running one’s own business would be a welcoming step and a digital marketing course after the 12th is highly recommendable. When a student passes out 12th standard, they just want to get started with their dream course with an eagerness to reach their destination. Choosing a Digital marketing course after the 12th will not only equip them with technical but business skills as well.  

 So, keeping the current situation in mind when a 12th-pass pupil is in a position to decide about his future then choosing a skill development will give him an upper hand in his/her professional career. As, digital marketing has got very wider reach and with the increasing number of Internet users, the significance of digital marketing is also increasing. Certain skills with which students will get acquainted after doing digital marketing course include:

      1. Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is a process in which through which the website of an organization is ranked higher in SERP( Search Engine Result Page). So, knowledge about keyword research, and page optimization will be enhanced. Hence improving the website ranking.

    2. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising-

    This is a form of advertising in which payment is made to advertise on search engines. So, students can learn about different types of PPC advertisements like text ads, display ads, and video ads.

    3. Social Media Marketing-

    In this module, students can expect to learn about different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. So, they will learn about varied social media content like text posts, images, and videos

    4. Email Marketing

    In this process, emails are used to promote certain businesses. So, knowledge about different types of email campaigns like newsletters, promotional emails, and transactional emails along with email design, and email marketing will be imparted to the students

    5. Affiliate Marketing-

    Knowledge about different tools and techniques is provided in the training of affiliate marketing. Henceforth, making students become successful affiliate marketers.

    6. Mobile Marketing-

    In this process, a product or business is promoted through mobile. Mobile marketing includes SMS marketing along with mobile web marketing. Apart from getting acquainted with the behavior of the mobile user, they will also become compatible with the device they are using just to scroll reels( in the majority of cases)

    7. Video Marketing-

    In this module, students learn to create content for videos and then utilize the same for the promotion of different businesses. Information about different hosting platforms is also imparted like YouTube, along with knowledge of the optimization of videos for search engines and social media.

    8. Measurement tools-

    To learn about the success of work done by them students will gain knowledge about different tools ( such as Google Analytics) used to measure and analyze digital marketing performance

    Therefore, opting for digital marketing after, 10+2 is a progressive step as it will prepare young entrepreneurs as a by-product of skill enhancement because digital marketing not only allows them to connect with prospective customers but also helps them to showcase their creativity. So, if you think you are creative and wish to develop a skill that connects you with the rest of the world then digital marketing is the best option


        1. Being from non-technical background will I be able to learn about digital marketing?

      Yes, certainly you can pursue your skill enhancement in the field of digital marketing being from non technical with proper guidance and it wont be wrong to say ample number of students from non technical background have been trained at digify leads.

          1. What is the shortest time span in which I will be equipped with the skills of digital marketing?

        Getting trained  from a professional trainer will help you to emerge as digital marketer  

            1. I want to become an influencer. Will this course help me to pursue my dream?

          Yes, affiliate marketing is one of the important module of digital marketing and will help one to do marketing of not only other’s business but skills of oneself as well

              1. Where can I see myself being a digital marketer after 5 years?

            It won’t be wrong to say that a person in the field of digital marketing after 5 years in the same field can see oneself as an entrepreneur or associated with renowned organizations.

                1. After completing this course, will I become eligible to do freelancing? 

              After completing this course and getting appropriate experience, a person will become eligible to freelancing on different platforms like upwork, fiverr.

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